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18 Unforgettable Wintery Wonders of Canmore Kananaskis

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Why not winter? Book your winter experience in Canmore Kananaskis! With gorgeous snowy peaks and so many wonderful activities and adventures to be had, Canmore and the beautiful surrounding region of Kananaskis Country are the location for winter fun for the whole family. Check out our curated list of what to do when the snow flies.

When winter arrives to the Canadian Rockies, it has the locals aglow with glee. That’s because the onset of winter brings many thrilling activities with it — beyond the usual suspects of skiing and snowboarding! Fun for all ages and traveller types, the excursions on our list are sure to keep your thrill-metre maxed, October through April.

Pair two or three of these activities for an action-packed day, then kick it by the roaring fire with a hot toddy or cocoa to reward yourself. Who knows? Maybe even a long soak in your hotel’s steaming hot tub is in order, too!

1. Explore an Ancient Cave

The weather outside might be frightful, but the caves of Canmore will hover around a delightful 4ºC year-round. If you’re not the wintery type, rest assured you’ll be A-okay on Canmore Cave Tours’ underground tour of the famous Rat’s Nest cave under Canmore’s Grotto Mountain.

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2. Dine, Peak-to-Plate Style

You’ve heard of farm-to-table dining, but have you heard about peak-to-plate? The Chef at The Sensory + Wit Bar in Canmore is letting their imagination run wild — and guests are eating it up! They are very familiar with which locally foraged ingredients can take a meal to the next level. You’re likely to find such mountain marvels as nettle, rabbit, spruce needle, and pine flour within the creations.

With a four-course “Trust Me” menu that remains blind to the diner until the plates hit the table, The Sensory is boldly redefining cuisine in Canmore. This is a can’t-miss experience for any foodie!

3. Get Out Glamping

20 Unforgettable Wintry Wonders in Canmore Kananaskis

No, we’re not crazy! The snow might be falling, but the glamping tents at Mount Engadine Lodge are just heating up — with all of the amenities to boot. If you’re an avid camper, but not so interested in losing your toes this winter, then a visit to the glamping tents is just what you need. Each of Engadine’s five tents features its own air-tight stove, shower, and bathroom. Did we mention that each tent looks out onto a mountain-surrounded meadow, home to many moose?


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18 Unforgettable Wintry Wonders of Canmore Kananaskis
18 Unforgettable Wintry Wonders of Canmore Kananaskis 1
18 Unforgettable Wintry Wonders of Canmore Kananaskis 2

From Left to Right: A Guest Explores Rat's Nest Cave, Mount Engadine Lodge in Winter, and a Tomahawk Steak at The Sensory + Wit Bar

4. Stretch Your Slope Muscles

SnowFlow Yoga: The Key to Your Best Ski Season Yet Found on the Mat 6

While you gear up for another unreal ski or snowboard season in the Rockies, you might want to give your body a little tune-up, too. If you’re not sure where to begin, you’re in luck. WildHeart Canmore has officially announced the re-introduction of their popular SnowFlow classes every Monday at 5:30 p.m. with Michelle Brazier.

The unique yoga classes are designed specifically to elevate your season on the slopes with a mindful, proactive approach. Michelle works to condition your overall body and help to prevent injury as you build leg strength, improve balance, and energize your core. It’s the perfect combination of stretching and strengthening for mountain-lovers of all levels.

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5. Pedal Your Way to a Pint or Pizza

18 Unforgettable Wintry Wonders of Canmore Kananaskis 5

The snow is falling, but the wheels don’t quit turning! Get your sweat on and head out on an exciting fat bike ride on the many trails that weave their way through Canmore and Kananaskis. You’ll definitely work up an appetite on this ride! If you’re in the market for a bike rental and some well-groomed trails, look no further than Trail Sports at the Canmore Nordic Centre.


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6. Strap into Some Skis — Cross-Country or Alpine

18 Unforgettable Wintry Wonders of Canmore Kananaskis 6

You’ve probably heard about the world-renowned skiing and snowboarding in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, but we won’t let the reputation scare off a first-timer! If you’re looking to hit the slopes, Nakiska has a difficulty level for every kind of skier/snowboarder, so even if it’s your first time on a board or skis, you’ll find a route that will keep you grinning. Visit their rental shop to get the fam geared up for the day.

For cross-country skiing, head to the Canmore Nordic Centre, or research the abundance of trails in Kananaskis.

7. Did Someone Say Spa?

Head to the spa and indulge in some R&R in the Rockies. There are quite a few different options, each rejuvenating in its own way. If you’re looking for a calm mind, head to Float Canmore. If you are looking for a full-body experience, Bodhi Tree Spa may be just what you’re looking for.

8. Frost-Free Climbing

18 Unforgettable Wintry Wonders of Canmore Kananaskis 7

To keep your limbs limber all year long, there are two indoor climbing locations in town: Climb the walls at Elevation Place or choose to boulder. If you want a more quaint experience, head to the Canmore Bouldering Cave in the industrial park.


9. Climb a Waterfall — No, Really

Get out your crampons and ice axe; The time for ice climbing is here! With numerous waterfall and ice-cave locations in and around Canmore Kananaskis, you’re bound to have a favourite in no time. If it’s your first excursion, be safe and hire an experienced professional, such as Yamnuska Mountain Adventures.


10. Snowshoe, Don’t Sink

18 Unforgettable Wintry Wonders of Canmore Kananaskis 8

Chester Lake is one of our favorites, but there are many areas that you can snowshoe in Kananaskis Country. Grab a group of pals, pack some hot beverages, and set out on a day of adventure and fun.

If you’re looking for a guided snowshoeing experience, let Mandy from Active by Nature walk you and your pals through the wilderness as she educates your group about the Rocky Mountains and the nature that surrounds you.


11. Marvel at a Frozen Waterfall

The falls in the region are incredible in the warmer months, but epic in when they freeze over. Winter hikes to frozen waterfalls are popular with locals and visitors. There are quite a few in Kananaskis, and each one is as dazzling as the next. Popular waterfalls are the Grotto Canyon in Canmore or Troll Falls.

12. Check Out a Cozy 4-Season Patio

18 Unforgettable Wintry Wonders of Canmore Kananaskis 14

Get into your winter coat and sip something warm by the fire this winter! There are a few places in Canmore and the surrounding area that encourage patio hangouts year-round.

An honourable mention is The Malcolm Hotel, which has a heated pool-deck year-round, as well as a number of fireplaces on an elevated patio deck with beautiful views on the Three Sisters, Ship’s Prow, Ha Ling, and the Rundle peaks.

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13. Get Your Fur Fix with a Dog Sledding Tour

18 Unforgettable Wintry Wonders of Canmore Kananaskis 9

What a rush! Head out with Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours and experience Kananaskis country like the olden days, in a comfy and cozy dog sled. Dogsledding through Kananaskis is a must-do for many travellers, and once you hop on you’ll understand why.

These friendly pups are ready to give you an experience you’ll never forget. If you’re more of a thrill-seeker, ask to be the driver and give sledding a whirl.

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14. Skate (without even leaving Downtown)

The Canmore pond is maintained, and it’s conveniently located to boot. You’ll find incredible skating (chock full of mountain views) just a short walk from Downtown. Not the skating kind? Leave the skating to the pros and watch a Canmore Eagles game.

15. Swap the Skis for a Tube

Nakiska has an awesome tubing park and is located only a short car ride from Canmore. Spend a few hours on the hill, and pair it with afternoon lunch in the lodge. Who knows… maybe you’ll even come across a moose!

16. A High-Elevation Run

Get out your winter spikes and meet up with Run Uphill for a winter jog through the mountains. The trails in town will have been packed down by the fat bikers, and are ready for you to turn up the heat!

17. Explore Your Artistic Side

18 Unforgettable Wintry Wonders of Canmore Kananaskis 3

artsPlace offers a plethora of classes throughout the winter months, so why not head indoors and learn a new hobby! Pottery, knitting, or painting are all a great way to pass the winter blues by.

Canmore is also famous for its many galleries, many of which call our beautiful Main Street home. Chances are if you flew in through Calgary or Edmonton, you saw some stunning works by Indigenous painter and sculptor, Jason Carter. Browse his works — and maybe even meet the artist himself — at the Carter-Ryan Gallery on main street.

18. Sample a Spirit made with Foraged Ingredients

18 Unforgettable Wintry Wonders of Canmore Kananaskis 4

Locally distilled spirits are having a wild moment in Canmore! Head out with some pals on a tasting tour to sample some finely crafted beverages featuring locally sourced ingredients.

Be sure to leave the keys behind, and take one of Canmore’s excellent transportation systems — or your own two feet! Two incredible gin-loving distilleries have popped up in the last few years, and the locals and travellers love them. Learn more about them below.

Wild Life Distillery



If you can’t tell by now, Canmore Kananaskis in the winter is a place for you to explore and relax. Take in some fresh mountain air, seek out an adventure, and finish your days with great food & drinks. Surrounded by 360° mountain views, there is no time for bad days in Canmore and Kananaskis.