Welcome to Canmore Brewing, where craft beer meets the Rockies! Get a sense of real mountain town living when you stop into their taproom. You might be rubbing shoulders with a world-class ice climber or avalanche technician. That’s what their little town is all about. Living life in the mountains. Their brewery is tucked into the heart of the Rockies. It blends tradition and innovation to craft exceptional beers. Each brew embodies the spirit of adventure and the authenticity of the rugged surroundings. Discover the artistry behind their diverse selection of beers, from classic ales to experimental creations pushing boundaries. For a behind-the-scenes look at how they make the beers sign up for their brewery tour & tasting every Saturday at 1:30 pm. Follow them on Instagram for captivating glimpses into their craft and the vibrant mountain culture that Canmore is famous for. Raise a glass to the mountains, great company, and the pursuit of exceptional beer – here’s to the taste of adventure! Cheers!

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