All Mystery Towns adventures have been Socially Distanced in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines. App-guided Clue-Solving Adventures offer the fun of a scavenger hunt, the puzzle-solving of an escape room and the challenge of an Amazing Race as you explore the town in a whole new way. Find must-see points of interest and discover hidden gems as you and your team solve a series of fun & puzzling clues on your walking adventure. We recommend playing in teams of 1-4 (not enforced), and while there are lots of clues using local businesses and lots of breaks built-in along the way, you are not required to go inside or to touch anything at any point. Our App will synchronize your phones so you don’t need to share devices. Once booked you can play-any-time-any-day, and you can choose to take your time or race to beat the leaderboard!

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