Discover Canmore’s Craft Brewery and Distillery Scene 2

Discover Canmore’s Craft Brewery and Distillery Scene

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  • Tourism Canmore Kananaskis - March 21, 2024

Discover Canmore’s craft beverage scene, set against the stunning backdrop of the Canadian Rockies. Our charming town is a hotspot for beer and spirit enthusiasts, boasting renowned establishments like Grizzly Paw Brewing Company, Wild Life Distillery, Canmore Brewing Company, and Blake Brewhouse & Distillery. Join us as we explore the unique flavours and passionate craftsmanship that define Canmore’s breweries and distilleries.

Grizzly Paw Brewing Company

Grizzly Paw Brewing Company, a cornerstone of Canmore’s craft beer community since 1996, offers a range of mountain-crafted beers and non-alcoholic sodas. Enjoy panoramic mountain views from the Tank310 location or be part of the downtown Canmore energy at the flagship location while sipping on locally inspired drinks like the crisp Rundlestone Easy IPA or the classic handcrafted root beer.

Wild Life Distillery

Wild Life Distillery, a testament to Canmore’s wild spirit, crafts exceptional gin, vodka, and whiskey with locally sourced ingredients. Experience the smooth, refined flavours of their small-batch spirits and seasonal specialties. This boutique distillery’s commitment to sustainability and quality shines through in their award-winning Wild Life Gin, promising a taste of the untamed Canadian Rockies.

Canmore Brewing Company

Canmore Brewing Company captures the town’s adventurous spirit with its diverse range of high-quality Alberta-made craft beers. Since its opening in 2016, this community-centric brewery has become a favourite for locals and visitors alike. Enjoy their core and seasonal brews, like the Highline Lager Blonde Ale, in a cozy taproom that embodies the warm and inviting personality of Canmore.

Blake Brewhouse & Distillery

With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, Blake Brewhouse & Distillery is known for their unique fusion of flavours. The menu has a wide array of artisanal craft beers and spirits, each reflecting their dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Savour the rich ales or vodka cocktails in their stylish tasting room, where visitors can enjoy their expertly crafted beverages while soaking in the stunning mountain views.

Mountain City Brew Bus

We know it’s hard to choose your favourite beers and cocktails in Canmore – that’s why we recommend the Mountain City Brew Bus Tour so you don’t have to! This local tour offers regularly scheduled and private trips that provide a behind-the-scenes look at the Bow Valley’s craft breweries and distilleries. As a tour participant, you can meet the master brewers and distillers behind the scenes, hear the stories of how they came to be, and sample an array of Canmore’s signature brews and spirits. It’s more than a tasting experience—it’s a celebration of our community and the art of Canmore’s craft beverages. Raise a glass to the mountain lifestyle!

In Canmore and Kananaskis, our natural ecosystems and stunning landscapes are the heart and soul of our local mountain culture. Before your visit, we encourage you to sign the Pledge to the Peaks, committing to mindful exploration to ensure the safety of all inhabitants of the region and preserve the beauty of our unfiltered wilderness for generations to come.