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Forest Fix

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  • Retreats
  • Snowshoeing
  • Wellness

Box 8177 Canmore AB
Canmore, Alberta, Canada


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Consider trying Forest Bathing, EcoYoga, a Guided Walk or Hike, Snowshoeing, or a Coaching Conversation in Nature. Forest Fix offers public and private programs, they specialize in corporate wellness and adventure and wellness travel. Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing is used extensively in the Japanese wellness system. It literally means to bathe in the atmosphere of the forest. This gentle model is ideal for all types of people and abilities. Imagine hiking and doing yoga in one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes imaginable. This is EcoYoga. It’s a perfect mix of walking meditation, contemplation, and yoga in an inspiring mountain landscape. Consider EcoYoga for an upcoming Stagette or Bridal party. Guided Walks, Hikes, and Snowshoeing experience the best trails the Rockies have to offer with a guide who knows all the backstories. Individual and Corporate Wellness Programs, this is the perfect blend of activity and relaxation that will renew you from the inside out. Be sure you get your forest fix today.

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