Prevention. Education. Empowerment. Zenergistic Remedial Massage is your partner in achieving your greatest health and wellness potential! Lorel Hammerstad, owner and RMT, is a seasoned age group triathlete and marathon runner as well as a graduate of a 2200 hour remedial massage therapy program. With this comes an extensive knowledge of human anatomy, musculoskeletal disorders, sports or workplace overuse injuries, as well as hands on experience in various massage techniques. Whether you work or play in the Rockies, no matter what your age is, massage therapy benefits everyone. Massage techniques include myofascial release, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, joint play, dynamic cupping and applied reflexology for massage therapy – all facilitate relaxation, increase circulation, flexibility and range of motion for your joints, assist in digestion, improve sleep, relieve muscle tension, prevent injury or speed up recovery from injuries. Zenergistic believes a client’s health goals is best achieved when a client is actively involved in their own therapy through education and empowerment. Not only will you walk away from your session feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, you will have a take-away toolkit of self-care techniques to put your health into your own hands. Direct billing is available with the majority of benefit providers.

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