Matchstick Productions – Huck Yeah! Ski Movie

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Nov 7 (6:00pm - 9:00pm)

We shall not go without a ski movie in 2020! We are hosting Matchstick Productions’ 2020 ski film “Huck Yeah” at Cornertsone Theatre. Gather your cohort and book a table of 6 for an awesome night out. Admission cost includes a beer or wine.
Prepare to have your mind blown as Hoji, Sam Kuch, Bobby Brown and the breakout girl posse “The Blondes,” have the time of their lives shredding and stomping.
With the global shut-down of the pandemic, we are reminded of how important it is to spend time outdoors with friends having fun. This film is a balance of personal action segments and location/story-based segments that not only show progressive skiing but interesting stories.
Grab a beer, some curry and yell “Huck Yeah!’ with the most fun ski movie of 2020. Dropping in September of 2020.
Starring: Lucas Wachs | Janelle Yip | Sam Kuch | Lucy Sackbauer | Chris Rubens | McKenna Peterson | Connery Lundin | Emily Childs | Bobby Brown | Arianna Tricomi | Mark Abma | Michelle Parker | Eric Hjorliefson | Tonje Kvivik | Karl Fostvedt
Shot on Location: Jackson Hole, WY | Whitewater, BC | Whistler, BC | Alaska | Rusutsu, Japan | Idaho | Mt Baker, WA | Verbier | Sw Donner Pass, CA | Mt Cain, BC | Troll Mountain