Artist Demos: Vance Theoret & Scott MacKenzie

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Sep 7 (11:00am - 3:00pm)

Join the Avens Gallery for a weekend of interactive soapstone sculpting and painting with wonderful and inviting artists, Vance Theoret and Scott MacKenzie. Saturday gallery events are just the most fabulous way to inspire your afternoon. They can’t wait for you to meet the artists! Vance Theoret is a man of few words, as are many who work with stone. But when he does get talking it takes little time to feel his passion for the stone that he works with! Ancient memory speaks to him as he connects with each stone. Using a ‘direct carve’ approach, he lets the stone reveal itself. The second impression takes the rough image and defines it into a clean, solid sculpture. “I let the stone tell me what it wants to be. The results are far more exciting than if I forced my ideas on my material.” Vance’s work will touch you on a very primal level from his methods, to the way his work portrays the physical presence of the stone, to the wide range of resulting emotions provoked. Scott MacKenzie lives and works in beautiful Calgary, Alberta Canada. Scott has been fortunate to travel to many parts of the world and experience the sights and sounds of diverse cultures and geography through the years, including North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and South America. His works have been strongly influenced living next to the Rocky Mountains and prairies. Scott’s paintings focus on bold subjects, using a strong balance of colour and contemporary design. His goal is to capture their spirit and character, continually providing a compelling story. Many of his paintings feature powerful subjects such as mountains, lone trees, and rocky coastlines.