AeroPress Regional Qualifier | Canmore Kananaskis

AeroPress Regional Qualifier

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Jul 13 (2:00pm - 11:59pm)

Show off your coffee skills at this AeroPress Regional Qualifier, held here at Eclipse Coffee in Canmore, on July 13th! You’ll compete against other coffee enthusiasts in a fun party atmosphere, with the winner going on to compete at the nationals in Calgary on August 3rd.

Each competitor will receive a 250g sample bag of the coffee to practise with before the event, which you can expect to receive a few weeks before the event.

The first round will start at 2pm so please arrive at least an hour before this to get prepared and equipment dialed in. You will receive a further 200g of coffee on the day to use for the competition and dialing in.

Following the coffee competition the party will continue as we celebrate Eclipses 10 year anniversary with more fun through the evening.

If you would like to know more about how this competition works please refer to the following guide. World AeroPress Rules

For those wishing to view entry will be free.

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AeroPress Regional Qualifier