Why Meet In Canmore Kananaskis

Why Meet In Canmore Kananaskis

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  • Karen Fennell - January 30, 2015

So why choose Canmore Kananaskis? Well, there’s a feeling here that you don’t get most other places, and it’s only partly because of the beautiful surroundings.

Let’s face it, you can have your meeting almost anywhere. So why choose Canmore Kananaskis? Well, there’s a feeling here that you don’t get most other places, and it’s only partly because of the beautiful surroundings. The other piece of it comes from the people who make this place home: artists, entrepreneurs, Olympians, Everest climbers, and everyday people pursuing their passions at a very high level. They’re real, and welcoming, and fascinating, and they’re here because they want to be. They’ll make you and your group feel at home – and maybe they’ll inspire you, too!

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Offer your group fantastic activities to complement their meeting time and build their connection. Surrounded by a sprawling Rocky Mountain playground, Canmore Kananaskis provides authentic Canadian mountain experiences, ranging from mountain biking to rock climbing, canoeing, whitewater rafting and horseback riding in summer; and cross-country and downhill skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, ice skating and sled dog tours in winter.

Canmore Kananaskis offers a wide range of accommodation choices, from boutique properties to luxury condo hotels to modern, comfortable hotel rooms with meeting facilities onsite – over 3000 beds in total.

We have the best dining in the Rockies – Canmore has over 80 restaurants and eateries offering exceptional cuisine, with a wide range of international options. Have your event fully catered, or allow your people to explore and discover some of the amazing restaurants on offer.

Why not treat your group to a progressive dinner? Visit four Canmore restaurants in one memorable evening. There’s a different ambiance and menu for every course – and delicious food, excellent wine, and great conversation throughout the night.

Meeting facilities are equipped with comfortable seating, modern presentation tools, and indoor/outdoor options to accommodate almost any size of group.

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Canmore Kananaskis offers an almost limitless choice of fun and innovative team-building activities.

We can set your group up with authentic à-la-carte experiences that allow them to connect with locals who excel in their fields: have your people learn to climb, do biathlon, play hockey, be a cowboy, and so on.

Local speakers can share their wisdom and inspiration with your group. Want your team to deal better with challenges? Ask Sharon Wood, the first North American woman to climb Mount Everest, how the Canadian team overcame the many obstacles en route to the summit. Then, practice what you have learned in a session with Sharon on the climbing wall.

Local guides can lead a custom-made excursion for your group to help them connect with the community, its history and environment

Start planning your meeting today or get in touch with a groups expert.

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