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Q: How is a mountain like a roller coaster?

They both have their ups and downs.

Steep slopes. Adventurous drops. Sudden bends. In Canmore, adventure is our calling, our middle name, our raison d’etre. We were made for it, every day of the year, around every corner.

Massive mountains and sprawling valleys right in our backyard mean we have a lot to back up the claim “having it all.” Because we really do. Biking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and climbing. The sky’s the limit. Or maybe the mountain. Adventures in Canmore will take you up and down and all around. And that’s better than the craziest roller coaster.

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Why doesn't an owl need a hotel?

Because it’s nocturnal. And also, because it’s an owl.

But you’ll need a hotel. Or a luxury resort, romantic B&B, quaint inn, rustic lodge, or a flexible condo for the whole family (yes, all of them). Lucky for you we’ve got accommodations in all shapes and sizes for your trip to Canmore Kananaskis. If you want to sleep under the stars, we’ve got that, too. So whether you sleep like a baby, or live it up like a night owl, Canmore’s got you covered.

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What Does Adventure Taste Like?

Trail mix.

Canmore has a bit more in store for you on the dining front that you might imagine for a small mountain town, and we’re not just talking about piles of ribs (although, we 100% have those). Whether you’re fuelling up for an adventure or winding down from one, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what our local restaurants, pubs, and bars have in store for you. So come on in, pull up a stool, and let’s fill that glass for you.

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Why is a river so relaxed?

It just goes with the flow.

The Bow River flows from the Bow Glacier in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, down alongside Banff and Canmore, through the nearby city of Calgary, eventually making its way to the Hudson Bay. Its name doesn’t refer to its shape or direction, but rather the reeds that used to grow along the banks that were used by the First Nations people to make bows.

In Canmore, we love the Bow River for a lot of reasons. One of the best? A nice, scenic, peaceful raft ride, meandering your way past the incredible mountain vistas, wildlife, and extraordinary landscapes Canmore Kananaskis has to offer. It’s one of our favourite ways to unwind and relax.

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What did the tree say to the hiker?

Nothing, it’s a tree.

And we’ve got lots of them. Like, A LOT. Kananaskis Country itself is a park system in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies that covers 4,000 square kilometres (1,544 square miles), a collection of formally designated wildland parks, provincial parks, recreation parks, ecological reserves, and cultural zones. That’s a lot of trees. We’ve got forests full of aspen, pine, and spruce. If you hear any of them talking to you, maybe sit down and take a minute. Meet Kananaskis. Let’s get outside.